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A Region of Vysotland, a high land of humans and the most southern native Scordican territory... Has been invaded by vile forces. Not orcs nor goblins, but the undead. Hordes or even legions of reanimated corpses led by unknown lord.
Map of Vysotland
They appeared at the northern coast of Glems Lake. The accursed army marched all the way to the Heart Mountains (South from the City of Gromir). But they didn't expect something that would stand in their way as they approached Fort Skellion, they have awakened centuries old counts who were resting in the crypt of that fort.

While the game is in development, I give you this arena mode where you can play 6 different maps solo or couch coop (At least 1 Xbox Gamepad required for coop mode).

New things in 0.29 version:
-2 new arena maps
-Small fixes
-More FX
-More audio

Keep in mind that this game contains placeholders until the alpha is finished.

Coop mode is still being developed, I'm testing out the skill system for both characters, since they will have totally different traits and powers. Once that goes successfully, a 3rd character will probably be added for campaign.

It is planned to make something like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance out of this.

Follow on Discord: https://discord.gg/8xRAzSS
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